Tiani Nick

Sheriff Youth Foundation “Hall of Fame”

Tiani 2

Tiani Nick

Sheriff Youth Foundation ``Hall of Fame``

D eputy Hudson and Keisha Isaacs welcomed Tiani Nick at 15 to the Palmdale YAL when she was in the 5th grade.

Tiani is now a sophomore at Paraclete High School in the Antelope Valley and will be receiving an academic Scholarship for keeping a 3.6 GPA.

When Tiani started at the Plamdale Youth Activity League, she had attitude deficiency issues, didn’t open up to people, didn’t like sports and, after years of mentoring and tutoring by Deputy Hudson and Keisha Isaacs — they have seen her grow on so many amazing levels.

She is the very first youth from the Palmdale Youth Academy to ever to be on the California PAL (Police Athletics League), and the YDC (Youth Director Council Board).

Brian Ferreira, from Cal PAL says, “The youth that get chosen for the YDC board are asked to complete an essay and get letters of recommendations to be considered to be on the YDC board, and you just know that certain youth have that “it factor.”

Brian also states that the YAL’s with the Sheriffs Youth Foundation has contributed a lot of YDC members in the past, and since its Tiani’s first year, he’s looking forward to working with her on the YDC board next year.

“I look forward to going to the YAL because I know I will get my homework done and help Mrs. Keisha with whatever she needs help with,” said Tiani.

She is also happy to say that she will be giving back to her community by volunteering her time to teach a dance workshop at Palmdale YAL 3 times a week, even with her busy schedule.

We’re so proud of Tiani!