Hot Meals for a Youth / Month

The Opportunity

In many cases of children in the Youth Academies, a child (7-17) gets his/her only hot meal of the day at a Youth Academy.

We used to charge families $10 a week to partially cover the cost for one of their children to have hot meals every day for a week.

Many of the families couldn’t afford it.

We realized we had to offer the hot meals for free…

Your donation gives such an important gift to a child — and to a family.

Action Plan

Within weeks of your donation, we’ll be specifically funding one of the 6 Youth Academies that serves hot meals every day — and earmarking a particular child in your name.

Our Gift to You

We would be honored to recognize your donation on our website — and on our social media pages.

A child, in your name, will also email you to thank you for your fantastic donation!

We’re so appreciative of your gift — that is truly affording a child to dream.


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