Create a Music Room at
Compton Youth Academy



There’s a large 20′ x 30′ room that has extraordinary potential.

The Compton Youth Academy can’t use the room’s computers because they’re too old and the software is outdated.  The music equipment is tired and out of date.

There’s no ambiance to the look of the room. It’s anything but ‘inspiring.’


The room was transformed into all the kids’ “Creative Center?”

A creative room for everything from music, to the arts, to graphic design, to video production, to creating content for all new media.

They’re surely not getting these opportunities at their public school; where the arts have been slashed.  And many of the families can’t afford computers, or the Internet — to run any of these types of creative programs.

These programs create dreams.  Hope.  Paths for a future.

In the room, a couple digital music keyboards and a music recording ‘workstation.’  16 computers have Microsoft Office — and some have specific programs (such as Garage Band, Logic X Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator).

WordPress, music, art, graphic design, journalism/blogging, filmmaking workshops are taught in the room by fabulous, inspiring folks.

On the newly painted walls, blown-up pics of the kids from the Youth Academy on foam boards.

This generous gift would significantly impact the Compton Youth Academy — attracting more youth, inspiring them to tap into their talents, and encourage healthy collaborations.


We would be honored to name the “Creative Center” after you — and create a large plaque that speaks to your accomplishments and your extraordinary gift.

We would also:

  • List of other ‘perks’
  • List of other ‘perks’
  • List of other ‘perks’
  • List of other ‘perks’


With your donation, we start immediately.

Consulting with the youth and all Compton Team members, we design the layout of the room, we buy all necessary equipment, install all software, build the music workstation — and create art and inspiration on the walls, creating a home for our youth.