Jamielyn Flores

Sr. Director of Programming

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Jamielyn Flores

Sr. Director of Programming

I  have been with the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation (SYF) since February 2014.

I began my journey as the Lead Program Coordinator at the beautiful Wallis Annenberg Youth Academy in Norwalk.

I have been involved with the (United States Tennis Association) USTA in organizing junior tennis teams for the SYF Youth Academies.  I have also coordinated Teen Youth Empowerment Groups in addition to our SYF programs and I have shared heart-filled stories with many staff and the youth we work with.

Since March 2017, I began to work with the National Police Athletics League (NPAL) to oversee 5 mentors at the SYF participating NPAL Academies.

I have grown with the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation and I have so much passion and dedication to our programs — and I am now the Senior Director of Programming for 17 Youth Academy after-school programs throughout the Los Angeles County.

In college, I was in the Child Development Work Source Initiative program and was given many opportunities to volunteer my time in assisting youth — and I loved it. I am majoring in Child Development and will continue to pursue my education.  What led me to this path was the urge for wanting to learn more about how our world has evolved and to how to help guide the staff that works with the youth.

Something else I’d like to share about myself would be that I was raised to love the outdoors and I love animals — and this is why I am a very adventurous person.

I’m the type of person that lives for “today.”  I believe life is too short not to do what makes you happy at that moment.  And when something needs to get done, I just do it because it’s another accomplishment that will make me feel better.

When I worked with the youth in several of the Sheriffs’ Youth Foundation Academies, I liked encouraging children not to be afraid of asking questions and to think outside the box — because when kids are doing homework, playing sports, or interacting with their peers, they discover something new about themselves every day.

And, if we just listen… we can gain their trust and they will have a friend for life.

Jamieyn Flores