Harmony Music Program


Partnerships are key to our success and allows us the ability to provide our youth with a broad array of programs and services. We partner with the Harmony Project to bring culturally-relevant, high-quality music instruction to our program.We partner with The Harmony Music Program, and incredible music program where kids are able to get engaged in all forms of music… Kids are taught orchestral instruments, pop culture instruments, jazz — you name it.

It allows kids to have an emotional and creative outlet of music — while teaching them skills of teamwork and accountability.

Music isn’t offered in most of the kids’ grade schools or high schools. Youth who study music at Harmony Project become better listeners, which will improve their reading skills as well as their ability to focus in a noisy classroom. According to lead researcher Nina Kraus (Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University), music may play a crucial role in closing the academic achievement gap between affluent and low-income children.

Help us to bring this amazing program to more of our Youth Activity Leagues.

Here’s a video showcasing some of Harmony’s work in our community …


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