Expanding the Reach of our YALs

Youth Activity Leagues


A t the core of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is the principle that all youth are provided with the safe spaces in their neighborhoods that they are able to call their own.

Our 16 Youth Activity Leagues – spread across the diverse and dynamic Los Angeles County – are exactly that space for so many young people seeking a haven in their  communities.

Beyond the traditional roles of an Activity League which provides access to a variety of physical activities, sport and competitive intramural activities, we offer academic instruction, enrichment  and tutoring, as well as life skills, arts and culture,  and community engagement opportunities, creating a valuable shared sense of place for our students and their families.

The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is committed to the preservation of YALs that can provide Los Angeles’ youth with the necessary tools, skill sets, and experiences to successfully navigate in our complex world.

Our organization celebrates all fields of learning – whether an instruction in world history, a hands-on cooking class, or volunteer day focused on giving back to local communities – the opportunities in education are boundless and create lasting impacts beyond our walls.