The Men from Norwalk

Sheriff Youth Foundation “Hall of Fame”

Norwalk 1

Cesar Villalobos -- on the left wearing green

Sheriff Youth Foundation ``Hall of Fame``

T the Sherriff’s Youth Foundation has played an important role in helping us get to the position that we are in today.

Martin, Roberto, and I have known each other since Kindergarten.  We grew up together and we were able to see each other succeed and overcome multiple obstacles.

We all attended YALs at a young age and were mentored by different deputies.

Deputy Rosales mentored us during our high school experience.

This stage is important for the development of character and finding our starting path for adulthood. We took advantage of the opportunity the Norwalk YAL  gave us and we learned as much from Deputy Rosales as we could.

Our mentor, Deputy Rosales, helped guide us by teaching us life lessons and skills. She taught us the importance of our decisions and the impact they can have on the rest of our lives. She also promoted the importance of academics and furthering our education.

One of the most important lessons was to never give up and continue working as hard as we can in whatever we were going to pursue in the future.

With her guidance, we were all able to graduate high school and continue pursuing a higher education.

Martin is attending the California State University of Los Angeles, Roberto is enrolled in Cerritos College, and I am going to attend the University of California Irvine.

We have all been deeply influenced by the Sherriff’s Youth Foundation and we are now all working here.

Martin and I are part-time tutors, while Roberto is a part-time intramural coach that teaches basic sports fundamentals to the youth.

The Norwalk YAL has been our second home and we now want to provide the youth here with the same opportunities and caring atmosphere that we were exposed to.

(Story written by Cesar Villalobos — on the left wearing green.)